I have a grandchild, but his father, my son, predeceased me. Will my grandchild receive his inheritance?

We are sorry for your loss. Allah yirhma and may Paradise be his resting place.

The death of your child during your lifetime terminates his right to inherit from your estate. In that case, his children—your grandchildren—do not inherit.

This issue causes much disagreement among the scholars. Some hold that a bequest to a predeceased child’s children is not obligatory, but many other scholars conclude that the moral directive of the Qur’an is anchored in justice—and the Qur’an expressly directs Muslims to leave a bequest to relatives. This general principle applies to the grandchild from a predeceased child.

This general principle became known as the obligatory bequest for a grandchild and has been codified in many Muslim countries, including Egypt and Pakistan.

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